Amir Bayat, Scholarship Recipient

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Q: What made you interested in a career in insurance?
It’s the best industry to be involved in

Q: Please describe how the scholarship has made a difference to you.
If you’re not financially able to register for the course, the scholarship is a great program to get you started in your career – at no cost to you.

Q: Previous work experience. Tell us a little about your background ‘before’ becoming interested in the insurance industry.
I’ve worked in sales, retail, computers, construction and services. What I’ve learned is you have to go where the demand is the highest – Insurance.

Q: What you found most valuable about being a recipient of the Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program (what was good/what was an advantage of being part of the program, as opposed to doing this on your own?).
I didn’t know they had videos for the course. Every lesson was like being in a class room, because I had an instructor on my computer screen with notes. I could watch the video 10 times and not be bored compared to reading it.

Q: What would you say has been the biggest challenge of the program, and becoming an insurance professional?
Choosing which insurance sector to get involved in.

Q: ‘Words of advice’ you may give to anyone who may be considering a new career in insurance.
Make a firm decision, stick with it, and get as many levels as you can.

Q: ‘Word to Sponsors’ (what would you like to say to prospective sponsors/industry leaders regarding sponsoring the Scholarship Program or otherwise).
Thank you to all the sponsors of this program – you have provided me and many other individuals a great opportunity that may not have been possible if it wasn’t for you generous support. If I can return the favor, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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