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The ILS Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program covers all costs involved to get your working at your dream job in the insurance industry. This includes free training and study material to help you prepare for the licensing exam, including your exam fee.

  1. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or, if the student is still enrolled in high school, successful completion of grade 12 is expected within the next 12 months.
  2. Eligible only to applicants living in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
  3. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in a career in the insurance industry.
  4. Applicants will commit to completing the preparation for the course and exam within 6 months of having their scholarship application accepted. This time constraint does not include exam registration time or actual exam writing.


Take the first step and complete the following application form. You will need to attach 2 letters of recommendation, so make sure you have these before you submit the form.  If you have any questions at all, please  contact us!

Accepted file types for upload (references and resume) are:  doc, docx, xls, pdf, txt, zip, pub, wpd. The maximum allowable size is 5120 KB.

* Denotes a required field.
First Name*:
Birth date*:
HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION – to be completed if you are currently a high school student
High School Name*:
High School Address*:
Expected Graduation Year*:
Name of Teacher/Principal/Career Counselor we can contact regarding your application*:
Please explain why you are interested in applying for the ILS Canadian Insurance Scholarship
What are your aspirations for working in the insurance industry?
Please explain why you feel you are a strong candidate for the Scholarship (i.e. personality, community involvement and customer orientation)
Please list any accomplishments and awards received over the past 5 years
Please list any personal activities and interests
List any activities that you have participated in a leadership role (academic, sport and community/charity works) over the past 5 years
Please describe your career goals (500 words or less)
Please describe how the ILS Canadian Insurance Scholarship will help you excel in your new career in insurance (200 words or less)
What made you decide to choose insurance as a career?
How did you hear about the ILS Canadian Insurance Scholarship?
Please provide 2 reference letters. Your references should be two people not related to you who are familiar with your character and qualifications.
Reference 1
First Name:
Last Name:
Attach Reference Letter
Reference 2
First Name:
Last Name:
Attach Reference Letter
Please attach a copy of your recent resume.
Attach resume
Yes I agree and meet the eligibility requirements of the ILS Canadian Insurance Scholarship, as listed below:

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Scholarship Review Committee. You should expect a reply within 3-4 weeks.


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