Welcome to the Scholarship Q&A page.

Q – How is the program funded?
A – The program is funded by individual/company/brokerage sponsorship. Ultimately, one sponsorship = one new licensed insurance professional.

Q – Who can apply for a scholarship?
A – Current high school students and graduates, post-secondary students, career changers, Mom’s returning to work, unemployed, or anyone who is interested in starting a career in insurance is encouraged to apply for a scholarship. As long as the applicant meets the criteria, we encourage anyone, with any background to take the first step in becoming an insurance professional. With new talent entering insurance, the industry will be stronger for it!

Q – What does the $500 sponsorship include?
A – The sponsorship includes the following for the students:

  • Online video course for Level 1 training based on the province which the student resides.
  • Access to online practice exams to fully prepare the student to write the exam.
  • Ongoing support from the Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program, including study tips, “Ask the Experts” Q&A, step-by-step guide, resume tips and assistance with registering for the provincial exam.
  • Provincial exam costs (up to 2 attempts).
  • Access to online Privacy Training course so students are fully versed on this important subject before they even start working.
  • Access to a number of CE courses FREE so that they may work towards fulfilling their licensing requirements for the following year.
  • Direct recruitment – Upon successful completion of the exam, the student will have their resume forwarded to the company that sponsored their scholarship. Introduction between student and sponsor will have priority.

Q – Can a sponsor choose where/who they want the scholarship to go to?

A – Yes. The sponsor can choose where they want their scholarship awarded (specific city, school etc), and even create special criteria for the applicants. For example, a company may wish to award their scholarship to a student that demonstrates particular leadership qualities, or have a member of their immediate family work in the industry, for example. Otherwise, the scholarships can be awarded as ‘Open’ and available to any student across the country that meets the criteria.

Q – Who makes the decision on whether a student’s application is successful or not?
A – The Scholarship Review Committee has been created to review applications and make the awards. The committee involves independent insurance professionals across the country who ensure that the scholarship criteria has been met by the students and that they fulfill the requirements for application.

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