A Short History of ILS

ILS Learning Corporation (ILS) was incorporated in 1991 as a professional education and training company focused on the Property and Casualty insurance industry in Canada.  The company’s Founder and former President, Steve Hawrishok, authored The Fundamentals of Insurance course for Canada which is used as an entry level step-licensing course in most provinces in Canada. In addition to The Fundamentals of Insurance course, Mr. Hawrishok was asked to author the Canadian Insurance Broker Designation (CAIB) program for Canada. This four-part course is still used as a step-licensing program for licensing insurance professionals in most Canadian jurisdictions.

In 2000, recognizing the advantages of new technology, Mr. Hawrishok made the strategic decision to move to online training. Custom insurance licensing and continuing education courses were designed specifically for use on the Internet and ILS developed its first eLearning Centre. The combination of the convenience of online learning as well as the cost savings of delivery to the customer led to more courses and programs being developed, with the newly branded ILScorp.com at the helm.

Today ILS is the largest online education provider for the P&C industry in Canada.  It is the only company offering accredited (through Insurance Councils in each Province) online licensing as well as continuing education courses in all provinces of Canada.  ILS is the official education provider of many insurance associations such as CAMIC (Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies) and CUISA (Credit Union Insurance Services Association), and well as over 1,000 financial services companies or brokerages in Canada.  In 2008, ILS launched Canada’s first fully-online Life Licensing Qualification Program (LLQP), the licensing program for life insurance, and accident and sickness insurance sales professionals in Canada.  ILS was the first online company in Canada to offer online streaming video training courses.  ILS clients are managed through a sophisticated online Learning Management System which allows for course delivery and tracking for all students.  In 2008, ILS launched ILSTV (ilstv.com), a news website focused on the Canadian insurance and financial services sectors.

In 2008, after receiving a request to author online health and safety training programs, ILS began supplying health and safety courses and manuals to a range of companies in Canada and the USA.  Today, large associations including the Restoration Industry Association of the USA (RIA) choose ILS as their official course providers. ILS’ health and safety training continues to expand. A new product is currently being developed in partnership with B.C.-based Talent Click to provide online driver risk assessment tools and safety assessment tools which, when used in conjunction with individual specific training, has been shown to decrease traffic accident rates by as much as thirty percent.

In 2009, ILS Launched the Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program to address the impending labour shortage in the industry. According to a 2007 study from the Insurance Institute, nearly half of all employees in the insurance industry are between the ages of 41 and 60. Nearly 25 percent of the labour force is set to retire between 2012 and 2017, leaving an employment gap that needs to be filled. The Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program introduces newcomers to the insurance industry and facilitates their licensing process. Through sponsorships from a number of leading Canadian insurance companies, brokers and ancillary industry members, Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program recipients are given all of the resources needed to jumpstart their career.

As more companies of all size have recognized the importance of a strong online presence, many companies approached ILS to find out how to harness the power of the Internet. With 12 years of online business expertise (95 percent of ILS’ income is made through online sales), venturing into the website hosting and development was a natural progression for the company. Today, ILS offers web page development, hosting, search engine optimization and the development, monitoring and management of many corporations’ social media policies and programs.

In addition to our online course development, online website development, search engine optimization and social media programs ILS also offer full online media services with a full video unit including on-staff videographers, journalists and graphic artists.

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